Pi Beta Phi
Chapter Leadership

Pi Beta Phi has an execuative board of ten selected members who help the soroity in all different aspects. Such positions include President, Vice President of Member Development, Vice President of Fraternity Development, Vice Preseident of Finance, Vice President of Housing, Vice President of Memebrship, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Philanthropy, and Vice President of Event Planning. Under these ten executive positions, there are multiple assistants and officers that help as well (social media chair, chaplain, sisterhood chair, etc.). In order to understand what each of our executive memebrs do, here is a little about each one here at Arkansas Alpha.

  • Chapter President: Payton Beall

    I have the honor of serving over 400 lovely, young ladies. Day to day, I make sure everything is running smooth and that my sisters are safe and happy. This chapter promotes friendship and develops women of intellect and I am just here to oversee and delegate that certain tasks are completed in a timely and accurate manner. 

  • Vice President of Member Development: Riley Gournay

    As VPMD I oversee all academic aspects of the sorority whether that be grades, tutoring, or peer mentoring. Our chapter strives for excellence in our academics with over 100 members of our chapter receiving 4.0s the past two semesters. Additionally, my position facilitates all values based programming, teaching our members what it truly means to be a Pi Phi. 

  • Vice President of Fraternity Development: Ashley Aitken
    As VPFD, I am in charge of teaching members about our history and everything included in our rituals. I also work alongside our amazing alumni while panning events such as initiation, founder’s day, and more.

  • Vice President of Finance: Kellie O'Toole

    As Vice President of Finance I take care of all of the houses utilities, writing reimbursement checks, tracking the budgets of every officer, invoice member dues every semester, among other things! My financial advisor and I work together to create a budget for the year and she checks my work to make sure the officers are working within their budgets.

  • Vice President of Housing: Kathryn Jones
    As the VPH I work closely with the kitchen staff and house mother to ensure that the house is running smoothly. We work on things such as, maintaining cleanliness, providing security, serving meals, and keeping up with maintenance.

  • Vice President of Administration: Courtney Parker

    My job is to handle all disciplinary matters along with keeping all member records up to date in e-reports. In addition to this, I am also in charge of making sure everyone’s files in the house are up to date. 

  • Vice President of Membership: Danielle Light
    I loved recruitment so much in the past, so I am so excited to be head of recruitment this year! With my position, I am in charge of making sure formal recruitment goes smoothly. I am spending the summer in Fayetteville getting everything ready for 2018 recruitment in August. Bid day will be the most exciting day for all the Pi Phi members and our new pledge class.

  • Vice President of Communications: Kaylee Smith

    In my position, I attend Panhellenic meetings every Thursday to keep up with events around our Panhellenic and greek life community. In addition to this, I plan events such as Homecoming and Greek Sing, which are both two greek life wide competitions. I also work closely with our social media chair to create our Instagram, Facebook, and even this website!

  • Vice President of Philanthropy:  Anna Vest

    As VPP, I have the opportunity to plan events and work with our chapter to raise money and awareness for our national philanthropy: Read > Lead > Achieve. Here at Arkansas Alpha, some of our favorite fundraising events include our annual Phi Phi 5k and semiannual Pizookie night!

  • Vice President of Event Planning: Laura Donovan

    Being Vice President of Event Planning, I plan major events that occur throughout the year in our chapter. Such events include formals, functions, and more! I also work along side our sisterhood chair to plan fun and exciting sisterhoods that allow members to get to know one another better.